85 sports quotes to exercise with motivation

Looking for inspiration for your workout routine? You have reached the correct article.

The essence of this compilation of sports quotes can be summed up as “no pain, no gain”. 

Motivation is one of the basic ingredients when trying to exercise. Not only does it help us stay constant when it comes to making the effort, but it also encourages us to set ambitious goals and start those routines that at first may seem almost impossible.

That is why any help when it comes to developing motivation should be welcome, and it is good that before doing sports we prepare not only by warming up, but also by adopting another mentality. Reminding oneself of some of these sports quotes can help us have that extra motivation we need to give the best of ourselves.

Famous quotes for all tastes

Below you can read a selection of quotes for athletes that help to go to the gym or the training track with a better face. However, remember that on this same website you can also find other compilation articles of quotes and thoughts useful for other contexts.

The best quotes for athletes

For your training sessions, nothing better than reading a few sentences about sports and motivation to go to the gym inspired. We started.

1. Motivation is what gets you going, and habit is what keeps you going.

One of Jim Ryun’s reflections on the process of incorporating a goal into our routine.

2. To be successful, we must first believe that we can

The Greek writing Nikos Kazantzakis left us a reflection that can also be framed within the category of the best sports quotes for the moment in which we consider whether to start a type of training.

3. Always do your best. What you sow today will bear fruit tomorrow

A reflection by Og Mandino , made so that we do not lose sight of the fact that the positive consequences of what we do may be invisible at first.

4. You are not a loser until you stop trying.

Mike Ditka leaves this reflection on the relative of failures.

5. Accept challenges so you can feel the euphoria of victory

George S. Patton gives a powerful reason for engaging in routines that are initially only presented to us as something that will make us try too hard.

6. Don’t look at the clock, do what it does: keep going

One of the sports quotes with a more lyrical character, it is very easy for it to come to mind at the right times.

7. The key to starting something is to stop talking and start doing

One of the best known Walt Disney quotes is also an excellent reflection for the context of sports.

8. Champions keep playing until they get it right

A very human way of characterizing the champions of the sport. Its characteristic is not so much to be good as to do the right thing to become it. Phrase Billie Jean King .

9. Just play, have fun, enjoy the game

A recommendation from Michael Jordan , very suitable for anyone who despite needing motivation to play sports, does not intend to be an elite athlete.

10. You can always be better

One of the sports quotes of the golfer Tiger Woods , about a process of constant improvement that never ends.

11. You can’t win until you learn to lose

A phrase from basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar . Defeat is integrated into it as part of the process of getting to win.

12. The more we do, the more we can do

A motivational phrase by William Hazlitt that serves to remember the potential that the development of our objectives has.

13. Quality is not an act, but a habit

If we search the genealogy of sports and motivational quotes, we will find this reflection of Aristotle among its origins. Although, of course, it is a reflection that goes far beyond the act of motivating.

14. Every strike brings me closer to home run

Babe Ruth made memorable a reflection steeped in the symbolism of the sport to which he dedicated his life.

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15. I can, therefore I exist

Simone Weil turned the famous Cartesian reflection on its head to put willpower and potential at the center of human existence.

16. Act like what you do makes a difference. It does.

Another of the motivating reflections of  William James , one of the pioneers of research in psychology, is also one of the best quotes for athletes.

17. You cannot win the person who never gives up

Another Babe Ruth quote featuring the person who never gives up as someone who is never just defeated.

18. Whatever you do, do it intensely

Robert Henri explains what could be a key to perform at your best in sports and in all the challenges of life in general.

19. The most effective way to do it is to do it

A phrase from Amelia Earhat . If it seems obvious, it is because it is. However, keeping it in mind is very necessary in those moments when rambling and justifications paralyze us .

20. If you fell yesterday, stand up today

This is a quote from HG Wells . Other people would even recommend shortening the period between the two actions.

21. You create your opportunities by looking for them

Shakti Gawain , about the active role that it is advisable to maintain in order to find opportunities.

22. Get to deserve your dream

A motivating phrase from Octavio Paz , very suitable for athletes.

23. True happiness involves the use of all personal talents and abilities

One of the sports quotes in which happiness and personal potential are related when reaching goals. It’s a quote from John W. Gardner .

24. Small deeds performed are better than great deeds planned.

A reflection of Peter Marshall , it is also a phrase for athletes who are sometimes assaulted by procrastination .

25. It is always too early to withdraw

Norman Vince Peale expresses a very simple idea about what to think about when we are looking for any excuse to leave a routine unfinished.

26. Success is the only motivational factor that someone with character needs

A quote from Woody Hayes links motivation with self-image.

27. Everything is practical

A phrase from one of the soccer champions: Pelé . As simple as it is powerful.

28. If you don’t lose, you can’t enjoy victories

One of the sports quotes of one of the leading tennis players: Rafael Nadal .

29. There is no substitute for hard work.

A famous quote from Thomas Edison that fits perfectly with the sportsmanship spirit.

30. To win you need talent, repeat requires character

A reflection of John Wooden , it is also a phrase for athletes that relates the achievement of objectives with the ability to be willing to repeat many attempts.

31. It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you keep moving

One of the Confucius quotes that can be related to the spirit of improvement necessary in sport.

32. Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can

A sporty and motivating phrase by Arthur Ashe , of almost literal interpretation.

33. Every noble task seems impossible at first

A phrase by Thomas Carlye to keep in mind in the first moments in which we face a new challenge.

34. The beginning is the most important moment of work

A phrase attributed to  Plato and that in addition to having historical value, is very motivating.

35. If you go step by step and with confidence, you can go far

A phrase by Diego Armando Maradona , which emphasizes the importance of combining short-term thinking to set immediate goals, and long-term thinking to think about big goals.

36. It always seems impossible until it’s done

One of the most remembered Nelson Mandela quotes , it also goes very well to keep it in mind at times when you have to make an effort.

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37. Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible

A phrase by Tony Robbins very appropriate when setting specific goals in the context of sport.

38. Go for it now. The future is not promised to anyone

This phrase from Wyne Dyer may seem not too optimistic, but it is motivating and suitable for turning our plans into immediate action.

39. The records are to be broken

A phrase by Michael Schumacher to take challenges with attitude.

40. The more difficult the victory, the greater the satisfaction of winning

Another of Pelé’s sports quotes ; serves to see the good part of the sacrifices of the present.

41. We cannot build a reputation based on what we are going to do

Henry Ford points out the importance of facts over words.

42. Pursue a great decisive goal with strength and determination

A quote from Carl von Clausewitz . If the goal is impressive, the efforts to achieve it have to be too.

43. Even if you fall on your face, you keep moving forward

Viktor Kiam on why we shouldn’t fear failure.

44. Set high goals and don’t stop until you reach them

A quote from Bo Jackson , about the appropriateness of targeting upward.

45. You cannot put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the further you go

A phrase for athletes from Michael Phelps , one of the champions of swimming.

46. ​​A mint is a dream with an expiration date

Napoleon Hill leaves this reflection so that we can see the meaning of the term “goal” in a broader and more optimistic way.

47. When something is important enough, you do it even if the chances are not in your favor

Elon Musk puts a passionate nuance to the pursuit of goals relevant to oneself in one of the sports quotes in which feelings are most appealed to.

48. If you are afraid of failure, you do not deserve to be successful

Basketball player Charles Barkley leaves this phrase for athletes who overthink the worst possible scenario.

49. Step by step and the process is complete

Charles Atlas on the benefits of setting short-term goals, also when exercising.

50. When one must, one can

A reflection by Charlotte Whitton , she also has a reading on the good of “self-forcing” to accomplish goals.

51. When you have something to prove, there is nothing better than a challenge

Former quarterback Terry Bradshaw exposes his positive vision on challenges in this sporting phrase.

52. Persistence can transform failure into extraordinary achievement

Football coach Marv Levy leaves this phrase for athletes about the appropriateness of thinking big when aiming for a difficult goal.

53. Good is not good if it is expected

Sportscaster Vin Scully encourages us to set our goals high and always go a little further than we thought we could do.

54. If you have everything under control, you are not moving fast enough

Racing car driver Mario Andretti , on the need to get out of the comfort zone .

55. Age is not a barrier, but a limitation that you put on your mind

The American athlete Jackie Joyner-Kersee talks here about the way in which we must relativize the importance of age when assessing our potential.

56. No one who has given the best of himself has ever regretted it

George Halas made this phrase memorable about how great it is to get the most out of your performance.

57. Mentality is the limit

Arnold Schwarzenegger , about the vast potential that each athlete has in store for himself.

58. If you train enough, not only will you get tough, but you will also be hard to defeat

Herschel Walker , on the double gain that comes with training hard and perfecting technique in a sport.

59. Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do

Basketball coach John Wooden left one of those quotes for athletes that serve to destroy excuses.

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60. I have learned that with every defeat something constructive comes

Tom Landry , on how to appreciate and recognize the usefulness of defeats.

61. The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle 

An anonymous reflection on the importance of practicing well before the decisive moment arrives.

62. The best motivation always comes from within

Michael Johnson

63. You have to expect things from yourself before you get them

One of the sports quotes of the mythical Michael Jordan.

64. Winning is not everything, but making the effort to win is.

Vince Lombardi talks about the need to have a purpose that drives us to push ourselves.

65. If you can believe in it, your mind can reach it 

Former football player Ronnie Lott offers this reflection on self-improvement abilities.

66. Never give up

A very simple idea expressed this way by basketball coach Jim Valvano.

67. A trophy gathers dust, but memories always last

A motivating reflection from Mary Lou Retton.

68. An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets, but with hope in his heart and dreams in his head

Nice contribution from the Czech athlete Emil Zátopek.

69. Continued effort, and not intelligence or strength, is the key to success

Liane Cardes thinks about the main ingredient of excellence.

70. A champion is someone who stands up when he cannot.

Jack Dempsey, on the effort and experience of personal sacrifice .

71. What characterizes great players is that they remain determined in difficult situations

John McEnroe talks about the need to keep a cool head during stressful times.

72. What to do with mistakes: recognize them, admit them, learn from them, forget about them

Dean Smith drew that lesson from his experience as a basketball coach.

73. The will is a muscle that needs to be exercised, just like the rest

Lynn Jennings reflects on the psychological needs that make a good athlete.

74. Victory is something that you build physically and psychologically every day you train and every night you dream.

One of the sports quotes of former American football player Emmitt Smith.

75. The good is not good when the best is expected

Another reflection about the need to set ambitious goals to grow.

76. How a team works as a whole determines its success

Another of Babe Ruth’s motivational sports quotes , in this case emphasizing the need to collectively face challenges.

77. Treat a person as they are, and they will stay that way; Treat it as it could be, and it will transform into what it should be

This phrase by Jimmy Johnson reminds us of the hidden potential and how easy it is often to unleash it.

78. Sport creates a bond between people that lasts a lifetime

This statement, issued by former basketball player Bob Cousy, speaks about the ties of complicity and solidarity that sport is capable of conveying both on and off the field.

79. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you

A motivational quote from Fred DeVito

80. Adversity causes some people to break and others to break records

William Arthur Ward understands difficulties as a means through which one can grow.

81. If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail

An aphorism by Mark Spitz.

82. Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible

Frank L. Gaines talks about the power of seeing hidden potentials and opportunities.

83. It is not the will to win that matters, but the will to prepare

Everyone wants to win , but not everyone acts on that idea. A line from Paul “Bear” Bryant.

84. Experience is a tough teacher because first it offers the test and then the lesson

An ingenious reflection of former baseball player Vernon Law.

85. Sport has a social function to offer vivid examples of excellence

George F. Will offers this insight into the inspiring power of sports.

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